WECOME to Totzo!

‘Tot zo’ is a colloquial expression for ‘See you later’, commonly used in The Hague and the Netherlands.

What can Totzo! do for you?
Totzo! organizes bycicle tours and excursions in and around The Hague.

Most tourist tours are fixed programmes that you have to sit through passively. This way you only learn a bit about the city in a limited tourist perspective. Totzo! wants to make it more interesting for you. So… we take you to the famous highlights. However we also let you experience what ‘Hagenaars’ and ‘Hagenezen’ (the citizens of The Hague) love so much about their city and what they are really proud of.

Different interests - different tours
But why settle for one view on the city? Totzo!  offers more than one tour so you can pick one of your interest. Each tour is built around a different theme and each theme focusses on a different aspect of our many-sided city. Read on to find out.

Tour Den Haag
This tour is all about The Hague’s grand history and it’s role in The Netherlands today. It will lead you through boroughs and past sites riddled with moving stories, funny anecdotes, popular myths and hard facts. You will also learn about the omnipresent Dutch Royal House and our political history, linking past and present while you enjoy a bicycle tour through the city.

Sixties Tour of ‘The Hague - Beat City number 1’

We start this tour by taking a shortcut to the sixties. In 1962, The Hague is home to over two thousand bands, which will produce a number of worldwide hits. This tour tells the tale of the music and the scene during the city’s roaring sixties. The title ‘The Hague - Beat City number 1’ dates from that era and it is still very true today. 

Arts and Architecture Tour  
See The Hague’s important works of art and architectural highlights. Discover which artists blossomed in The Hague in past times and which upcoming new artists are moving the scene today.

Tour Sea, Dunes and Woodlands
In its early days, The Hague started as a village in the dunes and as it grew bigger claimed more and more of the broad sandbanks along the coast. This tour is about the relation between the city and the natural environment it is set in
Learn about the city’s ‘green rules’ drawn up by King Willem II. Hear the real seaman stories of Scheveningen. And what has the ‘Zuiderpark’ got to do with the rest of the world?

Custom made
The choice is yours. If you want to organize a bicycle tour for a group of people (colleagues, friends,…) around an event or specific theme or even when you have no idea at all, we can be of service. Together we will set up a complete custom made tour. There are plenty of possibilities. We can make it interactive or organized from A to Z.

How do we get around?
The best way to move through town and discover it is on a bicycle. Cycling is a very popular means of transport in the Netherlands. With the help of The Hague’s bicycle couriers (the city’s bikers supreme, covering 16,000 km a year) we have set up the most interesting, surprising and safest routes. 

What kind of bicycles?
We cycle on a type of bike that is used in Holland for over a century. It is called ‘Opoe’, ‘Oma’ or ‘Halleluja’ (Grandpa, Grandma or Hallelujah) and is still the most popular model today. The particular brand we use are modernised classics, known for their riding comfort. The bikes are produced in one of the longest existing factories in the Netherlands. Reliablity guaranteed!

Pimped tours

You can pimp your tour with some fun excursions. Or you can go on an excursion without the tour. We offer five excursions that will help you discover and experience the real The Hague:

*Scheveningen or The Hague Cuisine (lunch and/or dinner): cooking course
*Day at the beach: windsurfing and/or kiting
*The Hague Coffee Course: tasting, learning, appreciating
*Music workshop 
*Workshop painting

In accordance to the international character of The Hague, we organize our tours and excursions in different languages. Our guides master several languages and we hire students of the the International Business School of The Hague.

If you are interested in one of our tours or excursions, do not hesitate to contact us. Send an e-mail (in your own language) to info@totzo.org or call our office (we speak English, German and Dutch): 003170 3265 790.



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